Pillowcase Program helps children learn disaster safety

Pillowcase Program helps children learn disaster safety

ESCATAWPA, MS (WLOX) - The Red Cross took its Pillowcase Program to Escatawpa Upper Elementary in Moss Point on Friday, in hopes of teaching students how to get out of their homes safely if it catches fire.

The program is a partnership with  Disney that teaches children what to do in emergency situations like hurricanes, tornadoes and house fires. The children were given pillowcases with a list of items that should be in their disaster kit.

Students are taking home safety tips they learned from the program.

"When it's a fire, if the door is hot, don't go out of it," said student Kayla Dunn. "Put something under the door before you go."

"When a fire comes and there's smoke in the air, you want to get as low as you can and get out safely," said Richara Stephens.

Program leaders want the students to know how to respond so they do not have to rely on an adult.

"Not always do they have to wait for an adult to take action," said disaster program manager Angie Grajeda. "If they know what actions they can take, such as calling 911 or leaving a house when there's a fire or preparing themselves to evacuate, it helps their whole family stay safe and get out faster."

Americorps volunteers and the Moss Point fire chief also helped give the children safety tips. The pillowcase program targets students from third grade to fifth grade.

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