Pascagoula Beach Boulevard Could Soon Be Historic District

"This house was built before World War I," Pascagoula Historic Preservation Chairman Liz Ford says.

That's why she bought it in 1978.

"If you'll look, you'll see all the wavy windows," Ford says. "Those are the original windows of the house. The beat board. All of that is original."

But most of this 90-year-old home is not historically accurate. It's been altered from the original structure. Ford says she had the porch glassed in so she could enjoy the view year round.

"The doors have all been replaced, so even if they squeak, they're not original."

Because of these renovations, Ford's home and half of the homes on Beach Boulevard aren't able to be recognized for their historic preservation.

By designating this area as a historic district, these homes have a chance of being recognized for their history.

"The majority of homes in this area are 50-years-old or older. A lot of them are 150 years or older."

She says that's a lot of history that needs to be recognized, and could attract visitors to the area.

"We could have brochures with the history of each home. Historic tourism is a big buzz now."

But those plans are still far away, and homeowners would have to approve the move.

For now, Ford just wants to get the paperwork done so sometime soon Beach Boulevard residents can proudly say they are living history.