Signals at the intersection of Popps Ferry and Pass Roads working again

Signals at the intersection of Popps Ferry and Pass Roads working again

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Drivers headed toward the intersection of Popps Ferry and Pass Roads were confined to a crawl for the better part of Thursday and Wednesday evening following an accident that took out the street lights.

Biloxi public crews and a contractor were able to get the lights in working order, but not before drivers and workers at a nearby business dealt with the headaches immediately following the crash.

Lights on the ground do no good for motorists at an intersection that around 20,000 people travel on each day. Twelve traffic signals came down at the intersection following a two vehicle accident that sent a truck zooming into pole that supports a dozen traffic signals.

"Seven of them were destroyed. So what we had to do was get a contractor out here to rehang all of the traffic signals and we had to put seven new ones up," said Biloxi City Spokesman Vincent Creel.

While the lights were out, Biloxi police directed traffic, which caused delays all along Pass Road and Popps Ferry Road.

"I live on Eisenhower and it was backed up all the way from Eisenhower," said Burger King worker James Smith.

Burger King employee Dylan Flores says not only were drivers impacted, so were businesses.

"People were having to switch through parking lots. Drive through parking lots to get around. Lost a ton of business," said Burger King worker Dylan Flores.

Flores says due to fewer customers, some employees were sent home early for the slow day.

"I was coming from this way. I had to cut through Walgreens. A lot of customer complaints about having to cut through other

parking lots, almost getting into wrecks with them. Other customers trying to bypass the wreck," said Flores.

After working around the clock crews were able to get the lights up and running.

"We had to close some of the lanes of traffic. It was a pretty big deal. But we want to thank everybody for their patience in coming

through this intersection," said Creel.

The lights were fixed around 2 Thursday afternoon.

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