Flooding from heavy rain closes problematic 28th Street in Long Beach

Flooding from heavy rain closes problematic 28th Street in Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Even after the rain took a slight break in some places along the Coast on Wednesday, the water didn't stop on the ground.

Drainage from the soaked ground flooded several roadways, including one well-traveled street in Long Beach. Of all the roads in the city, 28th Street is the most problematic after heavy rains.

Officials closed the three mile stretch between Klondyke Road and Beatline Road for about four hours after flood drainage from Turkey Creek covered many patches.

It created some tension with residents.

"I was coming to go to my friend's house, and she's all the way at the other end, so this is very aggravating," said Melissa Ladner. "We're having to turn around and go all the way through Daugherty Road to go to the other end."

The closure took Martha Johnson about five miles out of her way.

"If they're going to close it, why don't they just put up a sign? How hard would that be? We have those mobile ones in town. It just would have been nice," said Johnson. "On the way home from work, after teaching school all day. I'm sure it's for our safety because of sliding off into the ditches, because those ditches are very, very deep, and a lot of people on their cell phones end up in them."

Miscommunication added to the problem.

City workers reopened the road not long after it was closed about 2:45 p.m. But just a few moments later, it was shut down again by city police.

"One minute it's open, one minute it's closed. You never know what do," said Steven Herring. "They need to get their stuff together so that we'll know what's going on here in Long Beach."

Mayor Billy Skellie said that he and county leaders have been trying for years to get something done to more permanently solve the problem.

In the meantime, he said he expects the water to rise even more before it recedes, so to keep people safe, he asked the fire department to monitor the situation before reopening.

"I don't know if the ditches need to be cleaned out," Herring added. "I don't know if they need to be deeper, but something needs to be done."

"If MDOT would give lots and lots of money, they could build a finer high road, but I don't see that happening with our taxes," said Johnson.

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