Girl Power: Two D'Iberville Lady Warriors ready for State Powerlifting Meet

Girl Power: Two D'Iberville Lady Warriors ready for State Powerlifting Meet

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Junior Aero Adams is ready to vie for a state championship in the 114 pound weight class and sophomore Ashlyn Romero is hoping to place in the 105 pound weight class.

D'Iberville girls powerlifting coach Glenn Gerhmann says this season... he had more girls deciding to give powerlifting a try,

Gerhmann said, "We started three years ago with three lifters.  Last year I had one.  This year I had fourteen come out so we're doing extremely well."

Adams says she decided to give her all in powerlifting and it's lifted her to new heights in other sports, including basketball.

"My shots have gotten a lot better since I've gotten stronger, "stated Adams. "I can make 3's also."

So how did Adams get interested in powerlifting?

"My brother was in it, so I always watched him do powerlifting, "said Adams.  "So I was always interested in it. And coach Gerhmann started a girls powerlifting team my freshman year and I just went out and tried out for it."

She's hoping to lift 95 pounds in the bench press, 275 pounds in dead lift and a squat of 220 pounds.

"I plan to win it."

Romero plays soccer, runs cross country and track and she says powerlifting has made her more competitive in those sports.

Romero said, "It's really a good sport and I play other sports and it will help me with my other sports with strength."

Ashlyn barely tips the scales at 100 pounds and when she mentions she a powerlifter...she gets stares.

"Because of my size they don't think I can do very much, "stated Romero.  "They didn't think I would get this far, but I have."

Both Romero and Adams also train with Monster Garage Gym powerlifting coaches Aaron Williams and Richard Hawthorne. Having three coaches has helped in their development, gaining strength, power and more confidence which will help both Lady Warriors at the state meet on Saturday.

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