Days of rain impacting Biloxi baseball stadium construction

Days of rain impacting Biloxi baseball stadium construction

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Back-to-back days of rain this week could put a damper on the construction of Biloxi's new baseball stadium. The people behind MGM Park held their weekly construction meeting Monday. Biloxi Shuckers co-owner Tim Bennett said while the rain does slow down the pace of the project, the work hasn't stopped and optimism is still high.

Rain, rain, it just won't away. But don't expect the downpour to halt construction of Biloxi's new baseball stadium.

"It's disappointing and encouraging both at the same time. I mean, I never complain about the rain, can't stop God's work," said Bennett.

Bennett said despite the dreary, wet weather, there's a bright side.

"Fortunately, the rain is coming in the end when we can still do some inside work. In one sense, we're very fortunate that we've got as much good weather as we have," said Bennett.

But what the rain is affecting is the work going on outside.

"Primarily installation of our seats, which is outside. A lot of electrical associated with that, so we've got to stop that work," said Bennett.

Another key outdoor project is the field.

"We'll continue installing drainage as soon as we get some sunshine. We'll start work putting our field in. We got most of our field in right now, and then our grass should come at the end of the month, if we're fortunate," said Bennett.

Bennett said Yates Construction has been pitching in to speed up the project. Crews have worked more days, longer hours, even putting in some weekends, nights and holidays.

"They had until August to get it done and they've compressed the schedule significantly just on their own, without any charges to the city," said Bennett.

"No matter how good of a contractor we have working, we can't work in the rain. First of all, it's not always safe for the guys that are working outside in the bowl and on the field. However, there are areas on the inside that we can continue to work at. That pace will slow down somewhat, but it will not stop completely. No matter what, we will continue to push to try to get in the stadium just as soon as we possibly can," he added.

Once the rain moves out, crews will have a lot of catching up to do to keep the project ahead of schedule.

"We're optimistic. We're going to get in here and play ball, given the fact that it could have been August. I know it's going to be way before that. I'm happy," said Bennett.

There's another reason why Shuckers fans should be excited. Tuesday night, the players and coaches will be at the Beau Rivage from 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m., meeting their fans and signing autographs.

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