Attorneys general working to protect our digital lives

Attorneys general working to protect our digital lives

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Internet and technology in a digital world have made our lives more convenient. At the same time, criminals and predators are taking advantage of people, businesses and the government through online crime.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has brought in colleagues, law enforcement officials and tech experts from other states together for a special summit dedicated to helping people avoid being cyber crime victims.

So many aspects of our lives are tied to the digital world, and there is a dark side to cyber space. Hood, President of the National Association of Attorneys General, is hosting a summit to protect our digital lives.

A vast array of issues are being discussed during the series of meetings.

"Technology touches on so many areas of law enforcement. This initiative is designed to help prepare for the future and how we fight crime. A lot of it is going to be done online," said Hood.

There have been some major computer security breaches in recent years, subjecting consumers to identity theft. The possibility of being targeted online takes an expensive toll on businesses and government trying to protect data.

"It's costing millions of dollars for companies and government to harden their systems so information isn't stolen. We are vulnerable through the Internet," Hood said.

That kind of online crime is on a grand scale.

On a more personal note, Hood is very concerned about how cell phones and social media make people, especially children, vulnerable to dangerous digital attacks.

"It's everything from cyber bullying to child exploitation and all the scams that occur online," according to Hood.

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