Beau Rivage awards more than $17,000 to coast food pantries

Beau Rivage awards more than $17,000 to coast food pantries

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Eight coast food pantries received thousands of dollars from a coast casino this week. Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi donated a little more than $17,000 to help feed the needy on Friday. That money was raised by the casino's employees.

The casino awarded the food pantries with checks and highlighted employee departments for their efforts. One by one food pantries up and down the coast received a $2,183 check.

The big donation was all part of the Beau Rivage's part in MGM Resorts International's 2015 regional food fight.

For three weeks last month, the casino was able to collect more than 64,000 meals and raise thousands of dollars all for those in need.

"The regional food fight. We do it once a year to raise food for the local community all of it goes back into the community. Everything we raise, every dollar every can, every dollar that we donate all goes directly back into the community," said Jon McDougal, a Beau Rivage Senior Systems Engineer.

In addition to awarding money to food pantries, employee departments were recognized for playing a part in the food fight.

"We won the award for the biggest donation per person for our team. We raised a little over $10,000. And very very proud of my team," said Beau Rivage Security Coordinator  Kimberly Stratakos.

Employees say raising money and collecting food for those in need has opened their hearts and minds to helping others.

"It's all about giving. It's all about making sure that these people have food on their table and have somewhere to go when its cold. As far as internally. We're winning and that feels good," said Stratakos.

This is the third year the Beau Rivage has taken part in MGM's food fight.

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