Biloxi police give Spring Break visitors a heads up on parking rules

Biloxi police give Spring Break visitors a heads up on parking rules

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Be patient and keep your eyes on the road. That's the advice Biloxi police are giving drivers planning to travel Highway 90 this weekend. At the height of Spring Break traffic, officers say expect it to take more than an hour to get from Edgewater Mall to Rodenberg Avenue.

Highway 90 won't be the only area of the city that police will be monitoring traffic and parking. Biloxi officers say they don't want to see anyone's vehicle towed because they parked somewhere they weren't supposed to without realizing it. So officers put up "No Parking" signs in privately owned vacant lots where they say people have a tendency to congregate.

"They'll see an area and there doesn't seem to be anybody there and they just want to park their car for a little while, and that's how you get your little pop up parties," said Major Jim Adamo with the Biloxi Police Department. "The problem is that the property owners don't want anybody on the properties because they assume liability if anybody gets hurt on those properties. So to avoid any problems, we just say okay this area is trespass. If you're from out of town, you wouldn't know that."

Biloxi police said during Spring Break they'll be keeping an eye on traffic flow in several areas.

"We expect heavy pedestrian traffic at the mall and Edgewater Village because of the businesses. Those are during the day time hours and then early evening hours," Adamo said. "Then there are after party events at both Kress Live and the Level Club, I understand. So we expect to have a large both traffic and pedestrian traffic in that area."

Officers said part of the reason traffic moves so slowly is the large number of people constantly walking across Highway 90.

"This is always a big concern for us because, of course, everybody comes out and they want to see and be seen. So when you're out there is you're a motorist, be very careful," Adamo said. "Stay away from your electronic devices and do your best to keep your eyes forward. Watch what's going on around you because there are going to be a lot of people and they are going to be jetting out into traffic and trying to get to where their friends are at."

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