Gulfport High students get real world marketing and business experience

Gulfport High students get real world marketing and business experience

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Doctor's offices aren't typically anyone's favorite place to be, particularly young children. But Friday, the business and marketing class from Gulfport High got the chance to present ideas to a Gulfport pediatric clinic that will make visits to the doctor more enjoyable.

The students completed a strategic business plan to present to a panel. They say they've done many projects like this throughout the year, but they say this one is different.

"This project itself is hands on and we got to create what we wanted," senior student Jasmine Ball said.

Each team was judged on presentation skills, appearance, knowledge and, most importantly, the idea that will make patient's visits to Gulfport International Pediatric Clinic more enjoyable. Their teacher, Charles Tucker, said this may be a friendly competition, but it's also setting the students up to feel good about themselves later on in life.

"It's the confidence in knowing your information and that's what they've been working on," Tucker said.

Jasmine Ball said this business opportunity has made her feel fearless and even more prepared to further her education in marketing.

"I'm going to school to be a fashion marketer," she said. "This will help me learn more about the business side and also the design side of things."

Zach Allen, the Vice President of Children's Development for Children's International Medical Group, said this community project is a way of giving back and at the same time, help the students develop their business and marketing skills by giving them a taste of the real world.

"We like to have fun and make a difference and participate in the communities. We want to give back to the communities that we serve," Allen said.

Even though there can only be one winning team Allen said from this project, each student can take away the meaning of teamwork, dedication and confidence.

The winning team won't be announced until May 7, which is the official grand opening of the pediatric clinic. Each student on the winning team will also be given $100.

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