"Choose Life" Tag Supporters Ready For Challenge

Some supporters of the controversial "Choose Life" license plates believe Mississippi will withstand any attempts to outlaw the tags.

The ACLU has said it would look for opportunities to file suit in this state since the U.S. Supreme court declined to hear a South Carolina case regarding the specialty tags.

Many members of Bay Vista Baptist Church in Biloxi wear their hearts on the sleeves and their stance on abortion on their license plates.

"If a pro-choice person wants to have a tag, they can have all the tags they want to. It's not going to affect us but don't try to stop us from providing hope in which life is the greatest treasure we have," said Reverend Kevin Clifton.

Clifton believes getting congregations across the state to band together would guarantee the protection of the pro-life tags.

"The Supreme Court ruling has left open a challenge, but I believe our legislature and our churches and people who love life are going to stand during this challenge," he said.

Last year Choose Life tags raised $6,800 for Save-A-Life of the MS Gulf Coast.

The director says the resource center has helped 200 women facing unplanned pregnancies receive money, baby supplies, and emotional support.

"It's a very scary time for many women and a lot of times they feel like their only option is abortion," said Carrie Tabor.

"We're here to come along side them and educate all of their options of abortion, adoption and parenting so that they're making a fully informed decision," she added.

Tabor hopes that if Choose Life tags were to go away the support and momentum behind them would not.

"I would hope that if they were abolished that the people who are buying Choose Life tags would just send their money straight to the centers and show their support that way," she said.

Save-A-Life of the Mississippi Gulf Coast runs an abstinence program for schools, churches, and community groups. The resource center also offers post abortion counseling.