Devin Booker's success has been an inspiration for Moss Point youngsters

Devin Booker's success has been an inspiration for Moss Point youngsters
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MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - With Moss Point High School out for spring break, the Sue Ellen Recreation Center gym has become a hive of activity for young basketball players to fine tune their game.

Kyshaun Wordlaw was a teammate with Devin Booker on the Moss Point Tigers basketball team last season.  He says Booker's success has given everyone incentive to succeed and do better.

Wordlaw said, "When we were at practice last year in high school he inspired everybody to do better.  So I guess I'm going to try my hardest, try to do better."

Moss Point Superintendent for Parks and Recreation Chad Smith says Sue Ellen Gym has been a hot bed for basketball talent in the city of Moss Point for years.  Players like Literrial Green and Devin's dad...Melvin Booker.

Back in the day they use to call it the Honey Hole, "stated Smith.  "His dad came through here and like so many others.  People like Devin are great role models for kids today, especially the kids in our city."

Dajardan Williams says he always looked up to Booker. "He stayed at the gym all the time practicing and I can do the same thing, probably be the say way like going to the NBA."

Labarus Williams says he can't wait to see Booker playing in the NBA.

"He's my role model.  I look up to him.  When he enters the draft he's going to be one of my favorite players."

Darryl Roy an employee for the Moss Point School District says Booker is making the right decision but didn't think that Devin would jump into the pro ranks after one season at Kentucky.

"I didn't think he would blow up this quick, "stated Roy.  "I thought he would do well, but not this fast."

Could the next Devin Booker be practicing here inside Sue Ellen Gym? We'll find out in a few years.

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