Kenny Glavan's mayoral candidacy sparks some controversy

Kenny Glavan's mayoral candidacy sparks some controversy

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - There is some confusion and controversy in Biloxi swirling around one of the new candidates running for mayor, Acting Mayor and Biloxi Councilman Kenny Glavan.

Glavan previously said he had no intention of running for mayor. In fact, that was one of the reasons other council members selected him to be acting mayor. In that March 10th meeting where the Biloxi City Council voted on the interim mayor, Councilwoman Dixie Newman specifically asked Glavan about running.

Councilman Glavan responded, "No, I've decided not to run. I'm committed for four years. I ran for councilman for Ward 6."

But a few days later, in an interview on WLOX News This Week that was taped on March 15, Kenny Glavan indicated that he hadn't completely ruled out a mayoral bid. Glavan told hosts Doug Walker and Dave Elliott, "I said this the other day: I'm not even halfway through my term, and I feel I have a commitment to fulfill that term. That being said, I serve at the demands of the constituency. So, if my constituency demands it, I would have to look at it."

When asked again if he would close the door completely on a mayoral bid, the acting mayor would only say, "I'm just saying I have to listen to the constituency."

Another concern surrounding the candidacy is whether or not Mr. Glavan will step down as acting mayor now that he's running. In a phone conversation with WLOX, Glavan said he couldn't comment now on his decision to run or whether he will step down. However, he said he is working to set up a news conference to discuss the issues on Thursday or Friday.

Other council members have reported that Kenny Glavan told them he expected to tender his resignation as acting mayor next week. But again, Kenny Glavan has not confirmed that.

Councilman Felix Gines told us some council members had announced a meeting for Thursday, to force Glavan to step down as acting mayor. However, the Attorney General told them that would be against state law, so the meeting was canceled.

The special election is April 28. WLOX will keep you updated as we get more information.

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