Biloxi voters discuss issues in mayoral race

Biloxi voters discuss issues in mayoral race

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With the slate of candidates now decided, Biloxi voters have 20 days until the special mayoral election on April 28. So, what issues are Biloxi voters most concerned with? There are plenty for those mayoral candidates to talk about.

Issues of concern among voters, run the gamut from economic development to tourism to streets and drainage.

Biloxi residents have some definite ideas about issues they'd like to see discussed in this mayoral campaign.

"I want to say casino growth, business growth. Just things like that. Getting a little more tourists here. Maybe a few more hotels," said Bobby Mahoney.

"I'm concerned with the completion of the drainage project. I'm loving the way it's progressing, but I would like to see it a little more organized so we would kind of know what route we would have to take each day," said one woman, who also said she'd like to see financial support for social service agencies.

"The cleaning up of the city," said another voter. "Doing something for the children. That's the main thing. I'd like to see more done for the children in town."

"They spend more money on that baseball stadium, which I think personally is a waste of money," said one young man. "We need to spend money on education. Keep our young soldiers off these streets."

"Housing. Affordable housing, for all people, for everybody," said another woman. "A little better transportation methods for people, like me, who are old and really don't like driving cars anymore."

"They should finish the work on the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor where you launch your boats and dock up your boats. The streets? Terrible. Got holes all over it," said a concerned boat owner.

"There's too many to choose from. Too many," said a voter.

Again, the special election is set for Tuesday, April 28.

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