Daylight Savings Time is Time to Check Smoke Detectors

It's the time of the year to spring forward, but you should be doing more than just turning your clocks ahead one hour. Firefighters say now is the time to change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which should be replaced twice a year.

"It's a good idea to go ahead and put a new fresh battery in regardless of whether you think its good or not," D'Iberville firefighter Phillip Albert said. "Put a new one in, that way you don't have to have any doubts."

Firefighters say you shouldn't take for granted that you'll wake up if a house fire were to start in the middle of night. The gases and the smoke could make you unconscious and unable to get out your house. Firefighters say the simple act of changing the batteries could go a long way to help save a life.

by Danielle Thomas