No Beer=Success For Spirit Fest

Critics told Ron Meyers it couldn't be done, but he says this weekend, he proved them wrong. A band of Christian high school students helped to entertain the crowd this afternoon at the first ever Spirit Fest.

In addition to music, there were food and craft booths underneath Rice Pavilion. Organizers estimate that more than 4,000 people stopped by throughout the weekend.

There's no alcohol sold at the event, and that's why some people thought it wouldn't be successful. But, Meyers says he's not surprised. He says coast folks are looking for more family entertainment.

"They didn't think an event, family-oriented with no alcohol or no bikinis would work, but I felt that I did enough of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll a long time ago it was time now to just promote the love of Jesus," Meyers said.

Right next door to Spirit Fest, the Gulfport Police Explorers held their annual spring fling fair. There were plenty of rides that kept folks screaming and asking for more.