Pearl River Co. employee escapes rollover accident without injury

Pearl River Co. employee escapes rollover accident without injury

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It was a scary moment for a Pearl River County employee Tuesday morning when the dump truck he was driving blew a tire and flipped on Highway 49.

From the way the mangled remains of the truck look, driver Paul Hancock, 24, is lucky he escaped the wreck without injury.

Hancock was driving the county owned truck, hauling rocks, near the Stone County line when the front left tire blew and the truck flipped end over end into the median.

"I knew the tire was about to blow. When it did blow, the hood exploded and fiberglass went everywhere, and the truck started pulling hard to the left," said Hancock. "I tried to keep it going straight, but when I felt it going over, I let go of the wheel and prayed to God to keep me alive."

Hancock said through all of the chaos of the wreck, he felt a calming peace knowing God was watching over him.

"It all kind of happened in slow motion. There was a lot of noise, but I had a peace over me. I knew God was keeping me safe. It was calming," explained Hancock. "I thank God for keeping me alive."

Hancock said he unfastened his seat belt and climbed out of the busted windshield. Then, he sat on the side of the road and waited for first responders to arrive.

He was taken to Stone County Hospital where he was later released with just minor scrapes and bruises.

Hancock said he wants to thank all of the medical personnel and bystanders who helped him after his terrifying ride.

Charlie Schielder, road manager with the Pearl River County Road and Bridge Department, said the $80,000 vehicle is likely a total loss.

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