Pass Christian police hope leads will point to murder suspect

Pass Christian police hope leads will point to murder suspect

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Police say they are working some leads in the shooting that happened in Pass Christian on Good Friday. Bruce Robinson, Jr., 21, was shot at a home on West Railroad Street. Investigators say they need those who know what happened to step forward.

Police say no one lived at the house where Robinson was found dead Friday. Authorities say he was shot to death in the driveway. On Monday, used crime scene tape offered the only clue that violence had occurred there.

"We've had several leads we're in the process of following at this time, and they have named some individuals that we need to be looking at in relation to this case," said Chief John Dubuisson.

Dubuisson says the problem is the people who know what happened are not talking.

"If we've got people who are witnesses, they seem to be reluctant. They don't want to get involved. It's sad, because it's their community. When one thing like this happens, it seems to lead to another. There's got to be an end to it, and it's going to take community involvement," said Dubuisson.

Talk on the streets is the shooting was a retaliation shooting, but Dubuisson wouldn't confirm that.

"I don't think we have a solid motive that we want to comment on at this time. We're looking at all aspects, all possibilities," explained Dubuisson.

He says he's disappointed in the way things have gone in getting to the bottom of what happened and finding the person who fired those deadly shots.

"Definitely disappointed, because I believe there is someone out there that could possibly identify the shooter for us," said Dubuisson.

Dubuisson said although the victim had a Hattiesburg address, he believes he had been living in the Pass Christian area for a while.

The shooting death marks the first murder investigation of the year for Pass Christian.

Police are urging anyone with the slightest bit of information in the case to contact them at 228-452-3301, or contact Crime Stoppers to make an anonymous tip that could lead to a reward.

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