Deputy Shoots Dog: Overkill or Self Defense?

Lisa Raymond and her family buried more than just a dog Friday. They said goodbye to a beloved member of the family.

The pit bull was gunned down by a deputy during a drug roundup Tuesday.

"They said, 'We had to kill your dog' and I was upset, you know, because they didn't have to kill him. I know they got tranquilizers. They could have shot him with a tranquilizer and put him down."

No one was home when officers arrived. Raymond's neighbors called her at work telling her something was happening.

"They just kicked the door in and started shooting," neighbor Candace Lizana recalls.

"No, I didn't see the dog, didn't hear the dog or anything. And he's a docile animal. He's the kids' pet and that's why he's in the home."

Officers had a search warrant and an arrest warrant for Raymond's husband, Wallace Haynes. He's accused of one charge of selling crack cocaine. They found no drugs inside the house. Haynes was arrested that afternoon and bonded out of jail.

He says say his dog was inside protecting the house.

"He did the same thing any dog would've done when somebody just kicks the door in. They kicked my door in and started shooting before anybody's feet arrived in my house," says Haynes.

The couple breeds and sells pit bulls. Sheriff George Payne says officers knew the couple has dogs and warning signs are posted on the property. Payne says the deputy shot the dog after it charged at him.

"I'm sorry that we had to shoot the dog. We had intelligence that there were weapons inside the trailer and we found a weapon in the trailer, a gun."

Payne says officers delayed going into the mobile home to ensure the couple's children had left for school.

According to the sheriff, Wallace Haynes has a drug history dating back to 1993 and has served time at Parchman.

The sheriff also tells us Lisa Raymond was arrested in October for one count of prescription drug forgery. That charge is still pending.

And Payne says more charges are possible in this most recent case.