Spring Break Solidarity

Gulfport businessman Rip Daniels says, "These people are standing on this wall, they're standing on this boardwalk enjoying the beach and also saying wait a minute, yes, folks who are coming here, come here and we welcome you."

It was an outing on the beach in Biloxi that was intended to bring folks together to show support for the college kids who will head to South Mississippi next weekend. Radio host Rip Daniels told his listeners to come out and show support and that they did.

Todd Allman heard the message and he came out to join in support.

"He said that he was going to come down here today to help lead by example, to show that the community can be unified without anything bad happening and I like what he said."

Boyd James was also out on the beach to show support and says, "The Black Spring Breakers are my kids and kids of all the folks who are out here the message is that they are welcome, we're showing solidarity with the kids."

It started as hundreds and turned into an estimated thousand or so folks who just wanted to enjoy themselves and make a point at the same time. Rip Daniels says, "It is for us to figure out how to make it work not how to stop it, not how to impair locals who may have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Black Spring Break."

Todd Allman says, "Everyone's having a good time, everyone's dancing and laughing; I think it's a sign that things can turn around and can be all good and no draw backs."

Another supporter says, "If we could just ban together and show that great southern hospitality, I think everything will go real well."

Other than a problem at Edgewater Mall today that occurred when mall security asked folks to remove their cars from the parking lot, and some traffic backups, it was just a group out having a good time on the coast's public beaches.

Allman says, "Don't give anyone the satisfaction of mis-characterizing the students that come down here, just have a good time, just try and lead by example.

Boyd James says, "Our kids are welcome here, if they won't welcome them, we will."