Parents, educators voice concerns over Common Core bill

Parents, educators voice concerns over Common Core bill

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - A bill to end Common Core has passed the State Senate and is now waiting on the governor's signature, but not everyone believes the bill will actually eliminate the controversial education standard.

Kelly Watson has been following Senate Bill 2161 that could potentially lead to what state leaders are calling the end of common core, but she feels the bill is misleading.

"The only thing that's changing is the name. It's like calling coke Pepsi, so I mean, there's nothing different," said Watson.

Watson is a parent with strong opinions about the Common Core state standards. She doesn't think state leaders fully understand the troubles her child and many other students are facing.

"Honestly, we have some people up there that are more concerned about their political gain than they are about the children of Mississippi or the families of Mississippi. Their priorities are a little screwed up," said Watson.

The bill will stop the Mississippi Department of Education from using PARCC assessments in local schools beginning this year. Wayne Rodolfich, Superintendent of the Pascagoula-Gautier School District, says until the governor signs the bill, their hands are tied on how to move forward.

"I would hope that everyone would understand that we have children that hang in the balance. We have teachers that hang in the balance, and they're basically at a point of paralysis right now, because we really don't know where we're getting our direction from," said Rodolfich.

Rodolfich says he is not a huge fan of the PARCC assessment, and he is not opposed to that part of the standard being eliminated.

"I think that we're test weary. I think that we're over tested, but with that being said, I don't think that you water down standards or eliminate standards when you have an opportunity," said Rodolfich.

Gov. Phil Bryant says he is not sure if he will sign the bill creating the group to study the academic standard.

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