Church says man collecting money for phony fundraiser

Church says man collecting money for phony fundraiser

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - An unholy act going around has a Pascagoula church's congregation praying for an arrest. On Tuesday, Arlington Heights Baptist Church secretary Cissie Brushaber said she received a call from an employee at the Rent-N-Roll in Ocean Springs claiming that someone from Arlington Heights Baptist Church asked for a donation for the church in exchange for a po-boy lunch.

When the lunch wasn't delivered, the business called the church.

"I told him we were not having a fundraiser. He asked if I knew of any other churches having one and I said, 'No I did not,'" Brushaber said.

Within 30 minutes the church received a second phone call from the Army Navy Store in Pascagoula claiming the same sinful act. A store employee said workers gave the man at total of $25. And the man claimed that money would give them five fish lunches.

"They told me the same story. Someone sold them a lunch claiming it was for the church's fundraiser, but the lunches were never delivered," Brushaber said. "I told the caller the same thing. And that caller actually made a call to Pascagoula police."

Then on Wednesday, another call from a different business said it was also asked to donate to the church. Since then Pascagoula police were contacted.

"The message has got to get out or he's going to keep taking people's money," she said.

Brushaber said Pascagoula police now have a report on file. She said the man is described as a white male, slim, in his late 50s - 60s, gray hair.

"We do fundraisers, but we don't do it in the manner that this man is doing it. This will hurt other churches that are doing similar fundraisers," Brushaber said. "Stuff like this just hurts everybody."

If you have any information about this man call Pascagoula police. That number is 228-762-2211.

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