Cyber Crime Task Force focused on changing technology, worldwide connections

Cyber Crime Task Force focused on changing technology, worldwide connections

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Every second there are 14 cyber crime victims across the nation. The most common are identity theft, computer scams, and sexual predators. And they cost about $114 billion annually, according to the United States Bureau of Justice.

The Gulf Coast Cyber Crimes Task Force is working to catch those hiding behind a computer to commit crimes.

"Technology is always an issue. It's hard to keep up even with those of us who work it daily," said Waveland Police Chief David Allen. "It's hard to keep up with new trends with new app's coming out on cell phones new websites coming out. So everyone getting together and trading what they've learned is huge. Sharing notes is huge and finding other resources people you can contact."

The Gulf Coast Cyber Crime Task Force works under the umbrella of the State Attorney General's Cyber Crime Unit. That allows the group to use state and federal resources mainly technology to catch internet criminals.

Detective Donnie Dobbs with the Biloxi Police Department said,

"Some agencies are able to keep providing resources and training, which is specialized training for this type of investigation. But the majority of the agencies are not. So what we did two years ago down here on the coast, we created this cyber crime task force, which is a combination of at least 11 agencies down here where we share resources, we share manpower allocations, and we share equipment."

Detective Donnie Dobbs is Commander of the Gulf Coast Task Force. He says working as a team makes them a much stronger force with more capabilities.

"It's a force multiplier for all of the agencies down here. It's a win-win situation for everybody," explained Dobbs.

Task Force leaders say with cyber crime being global, developing contacts and resources all over the world that can help them fight cyber criminals is a must.

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