Hancock County Sheriff doesn't see need to turn over DHS probe

Hancock County Sheriff doesn't see need to turn over DHS probe

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Hancock County Sheriff's officials say they are making strides in the investigation into allegations that some DHS case workers doctored documents resulting in some children being placed in State custody.

Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam says he sees no reason for the investigation to be turned over to any other law enforcement agency.

In recent weeks reports have surfaced that the State Attorney General's Office could step in and take the lead on the investigation into DHS document tampering allegations. Sheriff's investigators have been looking into the allegations for several months now.

Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam said, "As far as I'm concerned this is our investigation. The attorney general had every opportunity to get involved early on. We had a case come to us. We investigated the case. We put together a file that included the complaint the document and the criminal histories on everyone involved and sent it to an investigator with the AG's office. It was later referred back to DHS as a personnel matter and I thought it was a criminal matter and I still do believe it's a criminal matter."

Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan told WLOX News he has two primary investigators dedicated to the DHS cases. He said they've interviewed more than a dozen parents who have made complaints and so far more than 100 man hours have been invested.

"It's an ongoing investigation. At this point, we're waiting on some subpoenas for some original documents from DHS. Our guys are as good as anybody in the state we're not taking a back seat to anybody. Do we welcome any extra help? Oh yes, we'd love to have extra help, but my guys are not taking a back seat to anybody,” said Adam.

At least one of the parents who alleged her paper work was altered agreed with the sheriff.

And she would not like to see the AG take the lead.

"They had the case, a similar case and they turned it back over to DHS to investigate themselves and I don't think that needs to happen. It needs to stay with the sheriff's department. If someone needs to step in. It needs to be the FBI," said Marie Gill, of Waveland.

One case worker was fired as a result of the internal investigation on DHS.

The sheriff told WLOX NEWS, he feels there could be at least one arrest made in the document tampering cases, possibly more.

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