Chilly temps didn't keep many from enjoying an early spring on the beach

Chilly temps didn't keep many from enjoying an early spring on the beach

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Shawn Bowie and his friends didn't find the slightly cool temperatures particularly bothersome on this day.

After all, it's Sunday, and that means family day. This particular spot on the beach at Courthouse Road is a sacred respite for a Gulfport hip-hop dance group, especially since spring began just over a week ago.

“It relieves us from a lot of things,” he said. “We dance, we practice almost every day and Sunday, we just take time out to come out here and just get away from everything and have fun and enjoy life.”

The temperature was downright balmy for Teddy Stewart and his family.

“Texas is freezing so. It's like 48 degrees right now. So, it's pretty good,” he said. “This is all pretty new to me, but we usually come down here and play volleyball and play football and stuff. So it's pretty cool.”

Although the clouds were heavy and the breeze was brisk, Cyndi's Snow De-Lites looked like it was getting steady business.

The snow cone stand has been operating from this spot for about 21 years and opened for the season about three weeks ago.

Owner Cyndi Omar says the cool temperatures have thrown off business a little bit, but things should be fine as more spring breakers find their way to the beach.

The spring break crowds, which began arriving about a week ago, promise to bring many more people to the beach before it's all over.

The biggest promises to be, Biloxi Black Beach Weekend 2015, starts April 10.

"March is a really good time of year to open," Omar said. "We've been here for several years and we try to open in March and we usually do very well. We always get these little cold snaps first part of the opening season and it passes and we do great."

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