Fazio Creates "Fallen Oak" For Beau Rivage

Beau Rivage and golf architect Tom Fazio are turning land adjacent to the Desoto National Forest into an 18 hole golf course called Fallen Oak.

Last May, the head of Beau Rivage's parent company came to Biloxi and told delegates at the Southern Gaming Summit the resort would finally build a golf course. In July, the Beau hired Yates Construction to carve Fallen Oak within the trees and the elevation changes of the 510 acre property.

Jeff Dahl is Beau Rivage's president.

"I think it's the last piece for us making a full resort," he said.

Beau Rivage initially purchased the golf course site in 1997. But it didn't get permission to build the golf course until 2004.

"It's an opportunity to reach out to customers who really haven't had this as an option, a Beau Rivage option until now," Dahl said.

Beau Rivage hired renowned architect Tom Fazio to sculpt a golfing masterpiece on Highway 15 -- 20 miles north of the downtown Biloxi resort.

"With Tom Fazio's design work out there, it's going to be a spectacular part of our offerings."

Kevin Drum heads up the Gulf Coast Golf Association.

"It's good timing for us to have a Fazio course here," he said, comparing it to the Nicklaus, Palmer and Love courses that recently opened.

"I'm excited because Tom Fazio has a mystique almost like Gehry has for museums. Fazio has that mystique with golf."

Dahl has been working with Fazio. So he's gotten an upclose look at that mystique.

"The best golf course designer in the market today, in the world today," is how Dahl described Fazio. "And we're very fortunate to have him working on this particular golf course."

Fallen Oak should open in early 2006.