Officer's Hard Work Pays Off During Drug Round-up

Officers are calling it one of the largest round-ups of suspected drug dealers in our area.

Tuesday morning the Coastal Narcotics Enforcement team went looking to arrest 95 people - most of whom are accused of selling crack cocaine. What's amazing is that all the felony drug warrants were obtained through the undercover work of one coast police officer.

We can't tell you who he is, but we can tell you his story.

"The most difficult thing about it was the seclusion on undercover. Being dirty and long hair and long beard and having to stay away from my other members of law enforcement for an extended period of time."

The officer spent months undercover collecting evidence against 95 different people.

"You drive up and start talking to people. There isn't a great deal of trust. They're in it for businesses. They're in it to sell narcotics and make money."

The 12-year veteran knows that in his line of work, there is always a possibility that something will go wrong.

"It's always in the back of your mind. You run scenarios through your mind as far as, 'If this happens, what will I do?' Just being prepared and reacting to any situation that is presented is the most important thing as far as being safe."

It's not easy work, and the state Bureau of Narcotics recognized that with a certificate for a job well done.

"I'm humbled by the fact that they would honor me with that, but in all honesty, I was just doing my job and doing what everybody does everyday."

The Gulfport officer says he's through with undercover work for now and plans to go back to patrolling.