Department Of Justice Sending Personnel For Black Spring Break

Along with out-of-town police officers who will be here for Black Spring Break, the U.S. Justice Department will also send representatives.

Biloxi Police Chief Tommy Moffett says he asked for the federal officials to be here. Moffett says the justice department's community relations division routinely monitors spring breaks around the country, and Moffett says they should also be here.

"We'd like to see them monitor, to see what we do," Chief Moffett said. "We believe what we're doing is the right thing to do, the professional thing to do because obviously up front there again we have to control the traffic, we have to control public safety. We welcome anyone to monitor that."

Sheriff George Payne says they've been working with the justice department for several weeks to prepare for the big party. Payne says six to eight representatives will be here throughout the Spring Break weekend.