Hancock County Man Convicted Of Murder

It took a Hancock County jury about one hour to find 33-year-old John Henry Seeling guilty of capital murder on Thursday.

Five-month old Draven Archer was killed in May of 1999. Testimony began Tuesday, and throughout the trial Seeling claimed the baby's death was an accident. He said he hit Draven Archer several times on her back to stop her from choking on the food she was eating.

However, prosecutors produced a confession tape of Seeling admitting he lost his cool when the baby wouldn't stop crying and slammed her against a wall.

Family members say justice was served.

"The last two years has really been tough on the family, and we're really glad it's over," said Warren Archer, the victim's grandfather.

Sheree Archer, the victim's mother said, "He deserved everything he got today, and justice is served. They did a wonderful job in that courtroom."

Seeling was the boyfriend of Draven Archer's mother at the time of the child's death. Seeling could face life in prison or death by lethal injection.