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Brokerage Firm CEO Sees Better Times Ahead

Are you an investor in the stock market? If you are, you are probably wondering what to do now. After all, the market has been in a free fall for months, and few companies have been immune from that carnage.

A man who has spent a lot of years watching stock market fluctuations came to the Coast Thursday afternoon. James Brinkley is the President and CEO of Legg Mason , a brokerage firm with offices in nearly 30 states. He was here to host an open house at the downtown Gulfport office that opened late last year.

Brinkley was the second employee the company ever hired. That was 39 years ago. For nearly four decades now, he has been watching the ups and downs of the stock market. His advice, always remember the markets long-term history.

"The first thing you have to do is have a perspective" Brinkley says. "We have really had from 82 until March of last year, the most incredible expansion the country and the world has ever seen.''

Brinkley says the market was way overvauled, and all this dip of recent months has done is bring it back to where it should have been. So, is now, a time the investor should be considering buying?

''You have to be aggresive when others are fearful, and you have to be fearful when others are aggresive. Right now, the public is fearful and you have to put yourself in the minority and become more aggresive.''

Brinkley says he likes the market's outlook, because inflation is low, the Federal Reserve is cutting interest rates, and the president is pushing his tax cut proposal. His advice for the average investor can be summed up in one word, patience.

''Long term, how you gain financial independence and maintain financial independence is ignore the daily fluctuations and own highly profitable companies that are professionally managed.''

By Jeff Lawson

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