Exhibition Game Scores Big Money for Police Athletic League

The Gulfport Police athletic League got a boost, thanks to an exhibition game between the Harlem Ambassadors and the Gulfport Hoopsters Monday night.

There was a lot of tough talk as the Harlem Ambassadors and the Gulfport Hoopsters warmed up for the big game.

"Now, they've traveled a long way to come down here and play us, and we're going to try to give them a little bit. We've got some great talent on our team. We've got the fire chief, we've got Colonel Spraggins, we've got your own Brad Kessie on our team," said Gulfport Police Chief Steve Barnes.

But soon after the game began, it was apparent that even Gulfport's all-star line-up was no match for the Ambassadors.

And even though the two teams were pitted against each other, they were both using this exhibition game to meet a common goal.

"We're here to send a positive message to the kids, stay off drugs, stay in school because everybody on this team either has a college degree or is pursuing a college degree," said Dell Mims, a player for the Harlem Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors dazzled the audience with their impressive ball-handling and comedy routines, but these warriors are serious about carrying out their mission.

"We're helping bring communities together, we're helping build churches. We're doing a lot of different things. We're honored to be chosen to come to Gulfport and entertain the community here," said the Ambassadors Coach, Lade Majic Prophete.

Despite the final numbers on the board, both teams scored big, netting money for the Police Athletic League and delivering a message to the crowd on how to handle success and failure on a playing field without using drugs or guns.

The final score was 78 to 64, with the Ambassadors spotting the Hoopsters a few points. But here's the most important number - $9,000 was raised for the Police Athletic League.