Nissan Making Special Deal For Mississippians Buying Cars

Mississippi residents can get an extra $500 off their next purchase of a new Nissan.

As part of a deal that brought the Nissan plant to Mississippi, residents of our state can put $500 into their pockets or put it towards the purchase of a new Nissan automobile.

The deal is good on all new Nissans starting on 2001 models.

Dealerships along the coast see this incentive as a positive move by the company and a way to thank the state for welcoming Nissan here.

"The incentive behind it is basically congratulations and thank you to the state of Mississippi for welcoming the Mississippi plant into the state of Mississippi and just trying to make their presence known and try to reward the citizens of Mississippi," said David Kelly, assistant general manager of Pat Peck Nissan .

Kelly says that individual dealers like the idea as well, because the money comes directly from Nissan and not the dealer.