Family Hopes Arrests Will Lead To Closure

"It hurts, it hurts. There's so much pain that we as a family live through everyday," said Thomas Pope about the death of his father, Robert.

Pope says the grieving and the tears just don't go away.

"That was my dad. He raised me and made me what I am. I can't tell the man thank you," he adds.

"It don't seem real. It's like a dream," said Pope's father R.L. Pope.

"First few years, I didn't know if I was going to make it or if I was going to go off the deep end," said Pope's ex-wife Joann Fisher.

Then the first sign of relief in seven years. A phone call from sheriff's deputies said two suspects were in custody.

"I'm happy that these guys are off the street," said Thomas Pope

But true happiness they say, will come only once justice is served.

"To suffer everyday in the penitentiary is the best thing I could think of. Everyday they've have to live with what they did," said Fisher.

If found guilty, Thomas Pope and his grandfather say they want the suspects to pay for it with their lives.

"To shoot a man in the face, and leave him in the ditch like a piece of garbage, they don't deserve to live," said Thomas Pope.

"If they are to be executed, I want to be the witness," said R.L. Pope.

Although they know nothing will ever bring Bob back, they say finding the answers to their questions will enable them to move on.

"The only hope we've got is to see him again someday," said R.L. Pope

An initial court appearance for is set for Monday in Jackson County.

Both men are being held in the Jackson County Adult Detention Center without bond.