D'Iberville Learns From Other Cities' Condo Mistakes

They looked and they learned.

A D'Iberville city councilman says the city avoided the pitfalls and controversies that often surround condominium developments by paying close attention to mistakes made in other cities.

This past week D'Iberville city council members approved a new 630 unit condo project on Brodie Road near the Back Bay.

For Brian Freeman it's a sad sight.

The once proud Brodie house is falling down in disrepair.

The once well kept grounds are neglected and overgrown.

The D'Iberville city councilman says it wasn't always this way.

"Look at the tall ceilings," he said. "All the oaks and the magnolias and all the wonderful trees and the landscaping. That's what they're going to bring back to this property."

Soon condos will be among the oaks and magnolias.

To make sure what goes up on this 20 acres doesn't create conflicts, D'Iberville city leaders okayed the project with Keesler Air Force Base so the plans do not interfere with flights paths.

There's also a checks and balances system to make sure height restrictions are followed and the developer had to agree to design around protected trees or move them.

"Years ago we knew that or hoped to bring the condominiums to our D'Iberville waterfront so we drafted ordinances and made parts of the conditional use and all that was laid out years ago so when the developer came here he knew exactly what he was faced with if he decided to develop here," he said.

Freeman says while casino developments on the Back Bay have dominated the headlines plans to bring waterfront condos to the area have long been in the works.

"A lot of emphasis has been put on casino development in D'Iberville and it is an important part of our overall plan but behind the scenes and without much fan fare has been the strong drive to bring these types of condominium developments to our city. The fruits of our labor has started to pay off," said Freeman.

Councilman Freeman says to prevent traffic tie-ups the developer will widen the section of Brodie Road in front of the property.

All together D'Iberville, Harrison County, and the school district are expected to gain four million in property taxes from this development.