One Dead, One Injured, One Jailed After Gulfport Shooting

One person is dead, another injured and another in jail, after an apparent domestic situation turned deadly in Gulfport.

It happened near the intersection of Bell Meade Avenue and 35th street in a Bayou View subdivision.

"It was about seven shots, about 7:15 p.m., just right here," said eyewitness Josh Shaw.

Shaw says he and his two friends were leaving his grandmother's house to watch a movie Saturday night when shots rang out in front Drew Brown's home on Bell Meade Avenue in Gulfport.

"Upon arrival of the patrol officers, Gulfport police department found three individuals that had been shot, one being a suspect, later identified as Brown, Drew Brown," said Capt... Alfred Sexton, of the Gulfport Police Department.

"The other two individuals, along with him were transported to a local hospital," Sexton added.

Authorities say the tragic scene unfolded after an altercation broke out, pitting Brown against Erin Tomkins and Rick Williams.

Tomkins and Williams were both shot in the upper body. Rick died from his injuries.

Erin is still being treated for hers.

As for Brown, he was treated for a bullet wound to the leg and later taken to jail on charges of murder and aggravated assault.

Erin has worked at the Village Sports Pub for the past three years.

Co-workers say Erin and Rick were just married last Tuesday.

These same co-workers visited Erin in the hospital Sunday afternoon and say she appeared to be recovering from her injuries.

"She's doing better. They just took her off the ventilation system, and she's breathing on her own, and they say she's improving real good," said Friend and co-worker Shevon Nelson.

"I'm just sad to know her just getting married, and everything that happened. It's got to be real hard for her, but we'll help her through it," said another co-worker and friend, Christina Davis.

No official word yet on the motive behind the shootings.