Businesses Help Community Policing

It's a marriage that's good for Gulfport and a plan that has now been fully realized in the city. Community Policing in Gulfport is truly about involving the whole community to keep the city safe and informed right in their own neighborhoods.

Gulfport Police Chief Wayne Payne says, "Police can't solve all the problems and when you get involved in your community and you get your trust of your community like we have, your community works with you and you work with the community to solve problems."

Sergeant Alfred Sexton is also with the department and says, "It gives the citizens of those areas a place to go instead of having to fight traffic sometimes and go all the way downtown."

Two new centers, in West Gulfport and in East Gulfport, join two others that are already working in neighborhoods in North Gulfport and in Orange Grove. These are being set up with community partners like Dominos Pizza and Munro Patroleum, businesses that are giving the city space for free to make it a true community project.

Sexton says, "Both corporations have been very open and open minded and open hearted to the citizens that they serve and I think that this should show the commitment."

Jerry Munro of Munro Petroleum says, "It's just a good way for us to work as a partnership and make it a safer area, give the police the visibility, and us the security all at the same time."

Chief Wayne Payne says, 'It means I can spend that money on other projects that I need to spend it on."

The citizens of Gulfport now have five locations to access their police department and help fight crime. Payne says, "It sends a message, corporations are working with law enforcement, our citizens are working with law enforcement, so it sends a message our there that this is a community that going to work together."

In Orange Grove the satellite office is located in Rayburn Plaza on Highway 49, and the office in North Gulfport is located on Tennessee Avenue just off of Highway 49.