Indiana Man Rides Bike Cross Country

An elderly man who's riding his bike across the country spent Tuesday night here on the coast. A steady rain greeted Dan Lambert as he prepared to leave Gulf Hills Wednesday morning.

The Indiana man is riding from San Diego, Cal., to St. Augustine, Fla., to raise money for the American Cancer Society . Lambert's sister died of cancer last year. That's when he pledged to do his part to raise money for cancer research.

Dan Lambert says the cross country trek isn't all that difficult compared with more serious challenges in life.

"When you see a loved one fighting cancer, there's the tough part," Lambert said. "Pedaling across the United States isn't very difficult in comparison with watching someone fight cancer that you love very much."

So far, Lambert has raised more than $5,000 for the American Cancer Society.

He is also keeping a journal of his trip in an on line log book where visitors can get information or make pledges of support.

His wife is following him in a motorhome.

Lambert says the people are the most interesting part of the journey.  He's already heard countless stories from folks who lost loved ones to cancer.  Those stories offer him much motivation along the way.