Community Grieves For Former Moss Point Mayor

Family and friends are grieving the death of former Moss Point Mayor Louis Jackson.

Jackson died Monday night on I-10 near Mobile. Police say Jackson lost control of his SUV which flipped several times. Family members believe Jackson had a heart attack while driving, which triggered the accident.

Charles Jackson says from the day his brother graduated from Jackson State, he had dreams of getting into politics.

"He run for alderman, first black alderman in Moss Point," says Jackson. "Then he said, 'I'm gonna shoot for Mayor.' And he ran for Mayor and won. I'm very proud of him. He had the best interest of Moss Point at heart. He really did."

Jackson says he last saw his brother on Monday, just hours before he died. And, as usual, he was full of life and good humor.

"I was over at my mama's house first day I laid eyes on him, and that's the last place I'd seen him alive. It's rough. He had so many ambitions," says Jackson.

"Louis Jackson was probably one of the best mayors we've had," says Ward 6 Alderman John Welch.

Welch served under Jackson.

"He was educated and he could talk with people, and get along with people, and communicate with people. And that's what you need as Mayor," says Welch.

Welch says two of Jackson's greatest accomplishments were bringing to life plans to build Pelican Landing and a river walk in Moss Point.

"When Louis came into office, he carried them out and we got what we got today," says Welch.

Honest, thoughtful, hard-working and friendly were just a few of the adjectives people used throughout the day as they described Jackson and his service to the city. But one of the words most commonly used was successful.

People who knew him said he had a large list of small accomplishments that made Moss Point a better place. They say had his health not failed him in the final years of his last term in office, that list would have been even longer.

"Had he kept his health, I think you would see a different city," said Welch. "I really do."

"He followed his dreams, but it ended before he could make them all come true," says Charles Jackson of his younger brother.