Festival Raises More Than $12,000 For Tsunami Victims

It was a day of rock 'n' roll, cold beer, and great food.

And the best part, these party goers are tearing it up for those whose lives have been torn down by the devastating Tsunami.

"For every $100 donated, $3,000 worth of medicine is going to make it over there. The pharmaceutical companies have already donated the medicine. We've got to get it over there," Event Coordinator Linda Orrison says.

The money was really flowing. By Sunday night, the goal of $10,000 was already reached.

"It's a great way to raise money. Everybody over there is having a good time," Orrison says.

Orrision says it's those horrible images she saw on the TV that gave her the idea to throw this festival. It's those same images that gave volunteers the idea to help out.

"Out of every bad, lots of good comes out. This is the good of one community coming together and we are one. We are the same no matter where we are in this world. When we can help another person, that's what we need to do," Singer Rochelle Harper says.

"If we were in need and you were sitting here with nothing, you would hope people would come to our aid," FEB Distributor Tim Wold says.

And here in South Mississippi, that's exactly what they're doing.