Artists Help Mardi Gras Krewes Hit Road

The Krewe of Fantasia decided to go with a classic theme this year, and so "Danny Zuko" and "Sandy" are coming to life once again with the help of airbrush artists Scott Turan and John Locke of Air Force One Airbrushing in the Pass Christian Wal-Mart.

The krewe's theme - "Platinum Hits from the movie Grease."

"I'm ready for Mardi Gras. I'm ready for it to get here. I think all our krewe is ready for it to get here," said Krewe of Fantasia member Richard Valdez.

Scott Turan says Mardi Gras is the biggest free party in the world, and so he hopes his and his partner's work will be seen by thousands of people.

These two artists have eight floats to complete for various Mardi Gras parades this season.

And, obviously, it takes a lot of hard work, especially with the party season coming so soon this year.

"It takes about a week to really lay out a float. How we're gonna paint it. What we're gonna put on it and stuff like that," said owner of Air Force One Scott Turan.

"It put a crimp on us because it falls so close after Christmas so we've got all the floats lined up plus the businesses, so it makes January good but it should make February real slow," said airbrush artist John Locke.

But these artists are having fun as they prepare to let the good times roll.

"It's not too often that we get to paint outside and work together because one of us is working one day, somebody else is working the other. So, it's just fun. It's just like a big festival, which is what Mardi Gras is all about I guess," said Locke.

So watch out for the Krewe of Fantasia, along with the various works of Scott Turan and John Locke this Mardi season.