New Orleans Saints Forced To Play One Less Preseason Game In The Superdome

Reportedly the NFL notified New Orleans that the Saints would be forced to abandon the Indianapolis Colts preseason game slated for the Superdome on August 24th and instead meet the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field, dedicating the Broncos new stadium.

That would leave the Saints with only one preseason game in New Orleans hosting the Dallas Cowboys on August 17th. . However, Saints owner Tom Benson sent a statement to all media outlets informing everyone that the NFL has not officially notified the Saints as to the Denver Broncos change.

Tom Benson says the Saints had planned to play two preseason games in the Superdome against Dallas and Indianapolis. He says the NFL decided to make the change to Denver instead of playing the Colts in New Orleans and the Saints are in the process of protesting the move.

Benson says, "We are exploring all of the options right now that will ensure that the interests of the fans and the club are considered in this matter."