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Progress Comes In Long Beach Condo Controversy

"I think if we just go ahead, let's hammer out C-1, C-2. I think right now a max of between 17 and 20 sounds like where everybody's at," said alderman Jimmy Levens.

"I think I feel it around the town that they want us to do it and they want a nice development and they're going to trust us to do it, but I don't feel 20 stories Jimmy," said Alderman Allen Holder.

The Long Beach Board of Aldermen held what they called a work session Thursday evening to discuss the height of proposed condominium developments.

Some said "either get into the condo market or not"- meaning projects should not fall below twelve floors because it could become a tax burden to Long Beach residents.

Others say "'set a limit and stick to it" and don't sell the integrity of the city.

"I'm glad they're here, but this is our city. We were here already and they're going to work with us," said Mayor Billy Skellie.

The final decision - condos within zones C-1 and C-2 will not exceed 170 feet. And a majority of the aldermen believe a building within the residential district should not be above seven stories.

"I think that tonight, we got a lot more accomplished. And I think that the board seemed like they came together, and that's what's important," said Skellie.

The few residents we spoke with seemed pleased as well.

"I still think it's a little high, but I'm willing to put up with it as long as they go no higher," said Martita Pierce.

Again, the idea of seven stories within the residential district has not officially been agreed upon. Density of the development was not discussed. The board will tackle that issue Monday evening at six at City Hall.

by Karla Redditte

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