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Girl Scout cookies arrive in Gulfport


We all know that Mardi Gras season is here. But, there's something else that always comes around this time of year, as well. It's Girl Scout Cookie Season.

Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints and more will start greeting you outside your local grocery stores, and the girls will deliver and sell these cookies across the coast. Ace Moving and Storage in Gulfport is where it all begins.

Troop leaders say the annual sales teach the girls lessons on setting and reaching goals. Cookie chairperson Kelly Collins helps the girls make that happen.

"I mean, look, there's all these cookies here so the girls set their goals and they've reached them," said Collins.

The girls pre-sold the cookies starting in January. Now, their job is to sell even more. The pre-sell order for just a fraction of the scouts included 1,600 cases at 12 boxes a case.

"So that's 19,000 boxes of cookies and that's just the initial orders," said Collins.

The rest of the orders for other areas of the southern part of the state are also processed through Ace's warehouse under the supervision of Mike Hicks.

"We're just glad to do it for them and glad to help them out," said Hicks.

He said this year, the order totaled a whopping 38,000 cases, which is almost a half a million boxes. Even for just a fraction of the scouts, handling those kind of numbers can be a tough job.

"It is really overwhelming, because my dining room will become cookie furniture," said Collins. But, it's something Collins can live with.

"I'm okay with that because the girls have a lot of fun doing this."

Collins said you can expect to start seeing Girl Scouts selling these cookies from their booths this Saturday. If you don't know where to find them, there's an app for that. Just search for the Girl Scout Cookie Locator in the Apple or Google Play app stores.

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