Camacho Admits Urinating On Computer Store's Wall

Hector Camacho sat in a Biloxi attorney's office, looking and sounding very little like the flamboyant boxer who made millions in the ring. In front of him was a December 22 picture of police walking Camacho to jail.

"I don't see myself looking too good," Camacho said, staring at the picture in amazement. "By no means did I try to hurt anybody."

On December 2, an admittedly lonely Camacho visited a Courthouse Road bar, and started drinking "some tequila that kicked my ass."

The intoxicated boxer went from the bar to an office he used on Courthouse Road. The office happened to be next door to the ZDI Computer Center. And that's where Camacho's laptop computer was being repaired.

Even though it was the middle of the night, a drunk Camacho decided he wanted it back immediately, so he could e-mail his family back in Puerto Rico.

"It was the holidays, I was drinking, I was at the office, a little frustrated, a little sad, a little lonesome," he remembered. "I guess I ran out of ideas."

Camacho climbed into the ceiling of his office and crawled across a firewall.

"Arrogantly, because I'm the Macho man who gets away with a lot of bull s**t, you know, I attempted to climb the wall," he said.

He stumbled through the ceiling tiles, damaging parts of Solomon and Samantha Wheeler's shop.

"And on my way down, I messed up a lot of things," he said. "I even urinated on myself because I was drinking."

On himself, the Wheeler's fax machine and the office walls.

He wouldn't admit that he broke into the business.

"I can admit that I invaded their privacy," he said. "No I didn't go inside to burglarize the place. I mean, I wasn't in my right sense of mind."

Three weeks later, police arrested Camacho. Gulfport charged him with burglary. Biloxi accused him of drug possession -- a charge he denies.

"No it wasn't on me," he said, referring to the ecstasy found in a hotel room where police arrested the boxer.

Camacho said he was ashamed of the situation he got himself into. He wasn't ashamed of himself.

"I know I'm going to fight again," he said. "I'm pretty much innocent of everything but invasion of privacy, invasion of a business. I didn't try to hurt nobody. I didn't mean for all this to happen. I apologize deeply."

According to a December 8, 2004 letter from the computer shop's attorney, Hector Camacho broke six laptop computers. One other computer was missing.

Both sides tried to find a way for Camacho to pay for the damage. The boxer offered $5,000. In his letter, attorney Wayne Woodall suggested $500,000. A settlement was never reached.