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Hewes Enters Gulfport Mayor's Race

Billy Hewes wants to be the man who replaces Mayor Combs at city hall.

"I promise to be attentive and abide by the public's decisions," he told a standing room only crowd attended the republican's campaign kickoff.

"I'll work with other elected officials to carry out the people's will."

The two-term councilman told supporters he was in the race because he was right for Gulfport. Hewes said his administration would give citizens more input.

"I want the people to decide all significant issues, and to provide the direction they feel Gulfport should take," he said. "You'll hear me say this more than once probably, but the citizens are the most important ingredient in the city of Gulfport."

Four republicans and three democrats have qualified for the Gulfport mayor's race.

The republicans are Hewes, Steve Dickerson, Kim Savant, and Brent Warr.

The qualified democrats include Gary Simpson, Charles Walker, and Clyde Williams.

City primaries are May 3, 2005.

by Brad Kessie

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