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Right To Vote Your Way

"I'm going to be one of the ones to vote to keep the existing flag, there's only two options and of the two I like it better."

With those words Congressman Gene Taylor came under fire for doing what we have fought for so long in this country for, freedom. It's his choice and his right to choose the flag that he wants to represent this state, but for those who are choosing the current flag, words like racism and extremist are being thrown out.

Robert Hawkins, III is a flag supporter and says, "If you hear someone say that my way is the only way, and I can't even understand how other people think and feel on the issue, then that would raise my antenna. I don't make any bones about it I am a flag supporter, but anybody who has feelings about that flag they're entitled to those feelings."

Congressman Taylor says, "I think this is something that every Mississippian has an opinion on one way or another, and I'm glad the legislature chose to let every registered voter have their say in this."

Some folks have been raising support for the current flag for more than a year now and they have seen both sides, support and criticism. Mississippians will have their say on April 17th, but does supporting the current flag mean that you're the bad guy? Of course not, after all, there is a history behind that flag and for many it has nothing to do with Klan rallies or hate.

Hawkins says, "There is a history before the 1960s, the 600,000 lives and all the other things that happened in the War Between the States are more important than just being a preceding footnote to the Civil Rights era of the 1960's."

Jim Wright is supporting the current state flag and says, "I have to have to have respect for anyone that will take a stand on any issue whether I agree with it or not."

Congressman Taylor says, "I think we're unique people here in Mississippi, I'd like a flag that you look at and people say well that's Mississippi, this one doesn't do it."

The cost of the statewide election on April 17th is estimated to be about $2 million. About $1.3 million of that will be passed on to the state's 82 counties.

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