WLOX Editorial: Proposal for mandatory kindergarten requirements

WLOX Editorial: Proposal for mandatory kindergarten requirements

Far too long, our state has lagged behind in education. A proposal in the state legislature would require 5-year-olds attend kindergarten.

Similar proposals failed in the past with opponents arguing the state should not interfere with parental decisions on how to raise their children. Almost all 5-year-olds in Mississippi already attend kindergarten either in public or private schools and we don't believe we have taken away their opportunity to just be kids.

Rather, we believe we take advantage of their natural curiosity and desire to learn at a young age. It is time to close the loop and require education begin by age five.

We believe parents should still be able to make decisions about where their child is educated, public schools, private schools or even home schooled. But the requirement of early education is a real commitment to our state's greatest asset: The Children.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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