Ocean Springs City Clerk Quits After Less Than A Year

Ocean Springs is looking for its third city clerk in five years. On Tuesday night the Board of Alderman accepted the resignation of Janet Dudding. Aldermen tell WLOX news Dudding had been in that position for about seven months.

Last week, the city clerk's office received a petition to force a vote on a $1.6 million bond. The 1,900 or so signatures have yet to be verified.

"It's not the best timing," said Mayor Seren Ainsworth. "It might slow for a week, but beyond that as far as the verifications of the petitions, I think that we have been offered some help. I believe that we can get that done in a timely fashion. It might not be as quickly as we wanted to, but I believe we can have it done."

Deputy Clerk Sue Ann London also resigned. The Mayor and Alderman said they could not comment on the reason for the resignations because it was a personnel matter.