Rescued pitbull hound mix provides new lease on life to veteran

Rescued pitbull hound mix provides new lease on life to veteran

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Finding loving homes for homeless dogs can be hard to come by and it can be even tougher if the dogs have serious injuries or illnesses. But that isn't the case for a once severely injured one-year-old pitbull hound mix in Jackson County.

Thanks to Friends of Jackson County Animal Shelter Pets, the dog was quickly pulled from a shelter and is now out of the pits en route to help a veteran.

On Thursday, Dawn Babilon squeezed in the last few hours of bonding with the dog she's been fostering for months before she heads off to her new owner as his therapy dog.

But she's come a long way. The excessive amount of tail waging and weight was non-existent when Babilon first took Laila in.

"She was so emaciated and in such bad shape that, pretty much you'd look at a dog like that and say put 'em down," Babilon said.

Luckily this pooches life took a turn for the better. Under the care of volunteers with the Friends of the Jackson County Animal Shelter Pets Laila improved physically and mentally.

"She was playing. She was starting to build confidence, started to eat, started to gain weight. She's gained probably anywhere from 15 to 20 pounds," she added.

Babilon also said wounds Laila received from someone pouring boiling water or oil on her have almost healed.

And now she's ready to start helping a veteran with PTSD.

Being a veteran herself, this animal lover said this is her way of saying, "Thank you."

"The fact that she's going to a veteran, someone who has served our country and is in need of an emotional support dog, that's very near and dear to my heart. So absolutely, I jumped at the chance to do that."

To be considered as a therapy dog, Babilon said Laila had to prove she's good with people, children and other dogs. Babilon said she's surpassed those requirements.

"She's just an absolute sweet love bug. She loves everybody. She does not meet a stranger," said Babilon.

The Friends of the  Jackson County Animal Shelter pets fosters several animals. And is always in need of donations or fosters.

Visit learn more about FJCASP including ways you can help and to view picture of animals available for adoption. Donations can be mailed to:
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