300 Seabees return to hugs, kisses and love after 6 month deployment

300 Seabees return to hugs, kisses and love after 6 month deployment

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Jessica Holsinger and Malssia Hocker's hearts were racing Sunday as they waited to greet their husbands for the first time in six months.

"I am a ball of emotions. It is overwhelming. I am nervous, excited and want to cry. I am just super excited," Hocker said.

"Nervousness. I wonder does my hair look okay and am I going to cry," said Holsinger.

Their husbands were among the 300 Seabees from the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 who were deployed last year to serve in areas such as Guam and Rota, Spain.

"I worry with everything going on in the world that he is okay and that he is going to come back to us," Hocker said.

"It has been hard. I am in my last semester of nursing school with a 4-year-old, and it has been really, really hard. He was also part of the group that went to Liberia, and that was when it was really scary," Holsinger said.

Finally, the worry and wait was over once a caravan of white buses pulled up. The Seabees jumped off to hug, kiss and reconnect with their friends and families.

"It feels great. I just left, got married before I went on deployment, so it is good to be home. We are still newlyweds," Jesse Dupane said

Holsinger couldn't stop shedding tears of joy after laying eyes on her Seabee.

"I am overwhelmed. I am so excited he is home," Holsinger said.

Hocker captured a photo of her husband James' tearful homecoming with their daughters. Over his 20 plus year career, the Seabee has been deployed 13 times.

"I am just happy to be home. When I get home, we will eat some good food," James Hocker said.

Earlier this month, another group of Seabees from Battalion 133 returned home after helping build treatment facilities in West Africa to aid in the fight against Ebola.

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